You Can't Teach Hungry - You Can't Teach Hungry by John Morgan

You Can’t Teach Hungry

This book is the ultimate guide to building the multimillion dollar law firm.

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About the book

This book is the ultimate guide to building the multimillion dollar law firm. For years, John Morgan has shared his methods, philosophy and techniques at his seminars, and through his company, PMP Marketing Group. In You Can't Teach Hungry, John shares his secrets, chapter by chapter, laying a road map to an enduring and sustainable practice. The journey takes you from life's earliest lessons and combines them with practical advice from years of experience and error. The book reveals what the author has learned in 28 years of practice.

You will see the inside workings of his strategies, advertising plan and tools to evaluate your firm and your staff. The book forces you to ask the tough questions about yourself and your practice. The answers will amaze and motivate you. You Can't Teach Hungry will guide you through the steps to take a thorough inventory that will allow you to make hard decisions to improve and grow your firm. This book will change your practice and change your life.

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